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The BEST way to be Remembered…

Have you ever lost someone close to you?

Imagine you had another chance to share a moment with one of your loved ones who has passed on.

That’s exactly what Legacy Film Portraits is all about.

Cinema Quality Production

Award Winning Filmmakers at Legacy Film Portraits conduct an in depth interview designed to capture the heart & soul of your loved one. We capture their smile… their laugh… the best advice they ever got… & what makes them tick.

These Portraits are an invaluable moment captured in time and an heirloom that the whole family will always cherish.

Each of these Film Portrait is a meticulously crafted “one-of-a-kind” work of art. We use state of the art film-making tools and techniques to capture your loved one as they are and create a beautiful living portrait that you and your family will enjoy.


Book a Film Portrait:

Space is limited and their bookings fill up fast, so CLICK HERE or call us today at 918-994-2236 (US) or 905-581-8167 (Canada) to secure your spot.